6 Reasons to Visit Montenegro

European but exotic

Montenegro, where is it? You are the most likely to hear this question after you tell your friends how amazing your holiday was in this country. Some exotic destinations might cross their mind. Most likely they will not even guess the continent. Still, it is easy to picture it on a map if you say: It is near Croatia. Or opposite Italy, in the Balkans. Still undiscovered, small and authentic, the country is a hidden pearl among its more famous next-door neighbours, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania. 

The small country of big surprises!

You don’t need to go to Switzerland for the Alps,  Rio de Janeiro for a Copacabana-like beach, Norway for the fjords, Kanada for its beautiful lakes or Venice for its Mediterranean spirit and rich history, when you can experience it in one single country! Montenegro is almost the world in miniature! The even bigger surprise is the fact that you can see it in only a few hours of driving and get completely different impressions of the country in one single day.

Ski and swim in one day

From snowy mountain tops to the warm Adriatic in a couple of hours? It is possible. And if the weather is in your favor you might grab the opportunity to ski and swim the same day. God was generous to Montenegro, giving it a small territory with not only virgin forest, glacial lakes, deep canyons, dead volcanoes, Adriatic coast, but also high mountains falling steeply to the sea, making the country appealing, never boring and full of opportunities for adrenaline junkies. 

Stumble into yourself 

Not densely populated, still unknown by tourists, this country can offer plenty of secluded, beautiful places, where one can find inner peace, become one with nature and escape from the modern world. 

Enjoy the moment like locals

It won’t take much time before you get used to the lifestyle of the locals expressed by a common phrase: Samo polako (just slowly). Even when they want to make someone do something faster, you might hear “Pozuri polako“ or “Hurry up slowly” slipping from their lips. So, no need to rush, just relax and enjoy. Experience life.

Value for the money

Compared to European standards, Montenegro is enviably affordable. Doesn’t matter if you prefer to stay in a rural household or a luxury hotel, the choice of accommodation is bigger than you can imagine with the price range that can fit every pocket. Tasting authentic local food made of homegrown products is something that doesn’t have a price, but here you might get spoiled by consuming it every day with the privilege to pay half or a third of the price you might pay in some popular European destinations.

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