The Unplugged Experience - Idea Behind

We have set the focus on the customer and bringing value to every step of the journey, trying not just to take you around and show you places but to create a story of the peaks of your experience. While storytelling we go from one end of life to a completely different perspective and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into both so that all your values can appear clearly in front of your eyes. This journey is transformational because it takes you away from your daily routine and gently hovers over another side of you that you don’t often get to show.

We have chosen elements that will reflect true luxury and the serenity of high-end life and are represented in each of the Mediterranean coast properties. 

Once you reach the last day, a blissful of emotions should leave you speechless and wondering about yourself and the meaning of life.

Price Includes

  • Stay at high-end properties in one of the most beautiful Bays in the Adriatic – Boka Bay
  • fine dine in a memorable setting and get some culinary experience
  • VIP style sail along the Bay to discover numerous islands,  luxurious nautical settlements, hidden caves, WWII submarine tunnels, secluded beaches, and numerous excellent fish restaurants 
  • Explore charming medieval old towns scattered along the coast
  • Climb the highest mountains in the area to enjoy the view and try yourself cycling/ATV ride on a narrow mountain road

Price Excludes

  • Airline Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities to your guide


  • Pick the food from the garden and put it on your table
  • Try yourself out at making brandy, wine, cheese, or bake a loaf of bread by grandma’s recipe
  • It is time for you to enjoy doing something you don’t often have a chance to do like mowing and haying, sowing and harvesting, picking fruit, preparing winter stores, and numerous other activities…
  • Walk through National parks and breathe as one with the forest 
  • Ride a horse like a cowboy 
  • Wake up at dawn and simply be.
Positive impact

Protecting local heritage, involving local people, sense of place, and authenticity.

Get to know yourself

An amazing experience where you will have the opportunity to go above your limits and discover sides of you that you might have not known existed.


In a new destination, with warm-hearted people and easy-going customs you will gain new knowledge and live through unknown experiences.

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