Travel to Croatia & Montenegro

Find yourself at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe on this inspiring multi-day tour into Croatia and Montenegro. Discover the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, Croatia’s stunning historic coastal city of Dubrovnik. See iconic sacral architecture in Kotor and revel in the dramatic coastal setting of Split. Tiny Montenegro brings enormous pleasure, from the beaches of Budva to the Cathedral and cafes of Kotor and Budva. The tour abounds with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, awe-inspiring scenery, and culinary as well as cultural feasts. The epilogue in the backcountry of Montenegro is what will have you coming back for more.

This sample itinerary was created by experts and is meant to inspire your next trip. It is ready to be customized to suit your interests, tastes, and budget so you can connect with local cultures and experience authentic travel on your terms and depart whenever you choose.


NOTE!: These are only a small part of our highlights, if you are interested or want to find out more contact us at our email:

  • Walk through old city-walls of Split
  • Experience the real place from Game of Thrones - Dubrovnik
  • Swim in the Jewel of Adriatic - The Boka Bay
  • Ride horses along the plains and mountains of unspoiled Back-Country of Montenegro

Price Includes

  • Transfers
  • Accomodation
  • Professional guides
  • Entrance Fees
  • Island Hopping in Croatia
  • Fico OldTimer Tour
  • Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour
  • Culinary tours in North Montenegro
  • Horseback riding
  • Prosciutto and Njegusi Cheese tasting
  • Rural activities - Olive Oil Tasting
  • National park entrances

Price Excludes

  • Airline ticket
  • Personal expences
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuities to your guide


  • Gifts from Montenegro

Day - 1Arrival

We welcome our guests at Split airport and take them by comfortable bus to a local Hotel for check-in. Free time to refresh and dive into the atmosphere before we start the enjoyable walk to the dinner restaurant Bajamonti.

Day - 2Experience Split

Exploring Split on a guided walking tour, discovering places like the fish market and old-school food and flower market. Entrance is provided in the most interesting spots in the city: Diocletian basements and Saint Dominus tower bell. Proceed to the lunch at Uje with guided degustation of olive oil as a starter.

Before departure for dinner, free time in the hotel or the city is reserved for a break and refreshments. Follow the walk to the Riva square and transfer to the ACI Marina for a dinner at restaurant  Zrno Soli. Night 20 min walk through the town center to the hotel.

Day - 3Deep Blue

Sail to the attractive Blue lagoon is an authentic experience supplemented with a simple fisherman lunch on an island. In the afternoon a visit to the charming town Trogir with its numerous sights, only 35 minutes away from Split. Enjoy a delicious dinner in a local restaurant Calebotta, followed by a return transfer to the hotel by bus.

Day - 4Old timers and Exquisite Nature

Feel the spirit of old times during Split rural back-country road trips with chauffeurs in the most favorite supermini Fico old-timer. The journey, which is a true delight for the senses, takes us to Jadro river where we stop for fruits and water, the mysterious fortress Kliss and Dugopolje village to witness the performance of a peculiar local music professor and his forgotten instruments presentation.

The stop for a lunch at Stella Croatia restaurant will mean the end of the supermini road trip and the continuation of the program by bus. What comes next won’t disappoint the most experienced travelers – visit National Park Krka 45 min drive away. A 2-hour visit is planned with the optional wine degustation in the winery. 

Return transfer to the hotel in the duration of one hour and free time in Split.

Day - 5Moving to Dubrovnik

Heading from Split to Dubrovnik by bus with a stop at Mali Ston for oyster farm degustation and lunch on board. By the desire of our clients, an optional stop can be made at Arboretum Trsteno for a Game of Thrones guided tour. 

Upon arrival in Dubrovnik, clients get familiar with the city. Check in at a local Hotel and meet the old town for the first time while having dinner in the restaurant La Cappella.

Day - 6Dubrovnik Old Town

Experience Dubrovnik from each side – walk through its vibrant streets with a guide, discover more intimate space of local people observing it from powerful town walls and see it from the bird’s perspective in a cable car.  

Facing Dubrovnik lies the island Lokrum which we reach by boat in only 15 minutes and have an enjoyable lunch at restaurant Lacroma. It is time to explore the nature of the island on your own and go back to Dubrovnik by boat.

The dinner is in a small, but definitely worth visiting, place called Cavtat and restaurant Leut in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, arriving there by bus or boat.

Day - 7Cooking class and moving to Montenegro

The bus journey to Montenegro is enriched by stopping at Konavle for a cooking class and lunch served by the Sapro family with love and attention in a friendly atmosphere. Arrival in Kotor and dinner at the hotel.

Day - 8Deep Blue vol. 2

Meet Perast, one of the most romantic Mediterranean towns. In the past, it was full of silver and gold and as such a frequent target for Adriatic pirates. Amateur Shipwreck diving near Perast which lasts 2 hours will make you think of the times when people from Perast lived from sailing and for sailing.

Follows the visit to an unusual church which is to be reached by boat since it was built on a man-made island facing Perast. It was built by local sailors as a memory of an event that occurred in the 15th century: in a mysterious way a painting of our Lady got to the reef sticking out from the sea, and once found by local fishermen, it appeared to be a miracle-working. The original painting, a patroness of the sailors, is still kept on the main altar which sits on the very reef on which it was originally found. 

After enjoying lunch/dinner in Perast, return to Kotor with free time to roam around the city.

Day - 9Kotor old Town and Perast by Speedboats

You start the tour with an introduction to the Old town, its narrow streets, and numerous Renaissance palaces and churches. Your tourist guide will give you the insights and you will enjoy a remarkable visit to the Church of St. Tryphon.  You will be given some free time to roam around. Enjoy shopping or visiting museums while making extraordinary pictures to always remember your trip to Montenegro. 

After free time you will be taken to a culinary delight of a local woman that will teach you how to prepare traditional Boka dishes. With your bellies full, you may enjoy some more free time before going to dinner in one of the amazing restaurants inside the city walls. 


The trip continues to Perast where you will have the opportunity to visit Lady of the Rocks Island where you will be guided through the centuries of history that have crafted the sacred object that has been the protector of the seaman for so long.

Day - 10Mountain Lovcen and Montenegrin Heritage

This itinerary is made for your camera. During the stunning drive up the 25 switchbacks and changing the altitude to 2000 feet in less than an hour, you will be stopping quite often to take as many pictures as possible, because this trip will make you want to stay. After the drive, you go behind the mountains to one of the smallest villages of Montenegro where locals have made prosciutto and rakija for centuries. Get to know the host, let him sit with you, and share his stories because that is what he will do. And also be prepared to have a couple more shots of Rakija. Don’t worry, that is not the end. Lay back and enjoy the ride to the highest peak of the Mountain Lovcen, where you will visit the Mausoleum of the great Njegos, a man who has changed the history of Montenegro. The views are remarkable, as if you look close enough you will be able to notice the coast of Italy.

Day - 11Road trip around the Skadar lake and boat ride along the river of Crnojevica

We are now on the lower part of the coast, closer to Albania. Today we plan on driving around the mountain of Rumija, which overlooks the town of Bar. We will drive through some of the rural areas, along a path that has the most impressive sights. The drive will take us to a small village called Virpazar on Skadar lake, one of the Montenegrin National Parks. The people of Virpazar are proud of their wine, homemade rakija, and carp that are cooked in red wine that they produce. They are always introducing cheese and little pastries that have been made by grandmas for hundreds of years and you get to have a bite of it.

The lake has many secrets and it is familiar to a large number of birds. During your lake exploration, you will learn more about it, especially about Montenegrin’s most famous island – the prison, Grmozur.

After lunch at the local restaurant in the settlement River of Crnojevica (population 47) we will still be hanging around the lake, but going on a different side. This time narrow streets will take us to the smallest river settlement, with cobbled streets and stone houses. We will drive and be on the boat again but just from another perspective. Rocky hills and vineyards are located all along the street you will be driven through and small situated corners will get you closer to the local culture. You will get to try out all different sorts of local wine and lunch while getting to know your host and enjoy different stories.

Day - 12Biogradska Gora - Tara Bridge (Zip - line) - Zabljak

You will experience rainforest Biogradska Gora and go for a walk all around Biogradsko lake and eventually end up in one of the Katun. Your host will tell you more about how life used to be in these areas and true Montenegrin values. North is a wider part of Montenegro and getting from one amazing place to the other takes time, but it is worth it. Today, we are going to Zabljak. The town is known to be the center of Montenegrin winter tourism. On the way, be ready to learn more about the canyon of the river Tara which is the second deepest canyon in the world, and to get on top of a bridge that has been constructed on top of it. After world war 2 this remarkable piece of Architecture has become popular in Europe and it has attracted a serious number of tourists. You might not want this, but there is a Zipline you should try while you are at it. Afterward, we are going to the Black lake, another natural jewel of Montenegro.

Day - 13Durmitor ring

The towns of Kolasin and Zabljak are among the colder ones. Meaning that during the summer the temperatures will be as low as 10 degrees Celsius. After waking up, and having breakfast at Black Lake for this special day, we prepared the most scenic drive around the mountain of Durmitor. It is inevitable to stop at least twenty times to get those great photos. On our way, we will make a stop for lunch at one of the village houses (you can encounter these houses every couple of kilometers) if the host is willing to take us in. Our drive will be long but eventually, after the amazing scenery, we will arrive at Piva lake, where we can rest before we return to the capital, Podgorica.

Day - 14Podgorica - preparing for departure

Before leaving we will take a break to go around the capital, introducing you to the more contemporary side of Montenegro. The city is packed with more than one thousand restaurants and bars and you will certainly have the opportunity to have lunch in one of those places. Amazing food and some interesting local stories await as your guide will show you the development and history of the place.

Day - 15Departure


Optional Activities

Boka Bay cruise

Kotor Canyoning

Kotor – Lovcen hiking

ATV Tour Vrmac (Kotor)

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